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Madurai Culture


Madurai Culture

Madurai Culture - Madurai is proud of their cultural heritage

There is rapid westernization but the people are not done away with their age old custom and traditions. The value system of the people of Madurai has a strong foundation. The people of Madurai are hospitable, friendly and honest. In Madurai women usually wear Dhavani or Thavani (half Sari), and Sarees. Salwar Kameez, a North-Indian ethnic wear for women, has also made inroads into the city's populace. In the recent times, people have also started preferring western wear, but they are not brand conscious. This also stresses on the fact that the people prefer simplicity.

What to wear in Madurai - Madurai Culture - Madurai Dresses

The people of Madurai are amicable, hospitable, and deeply respect and value their traditions. Though Salwar Kameez, a North-Indian ethnic wear for women, has made deep inroads into the city's populace, many prefer the traditional Indian wear of Thavani or Dhavani, also called Half Sarees, and Sarees. Recently too, the preference for Western wear has increased. Madurai is also well known for its fragrant Jasmine flowers. Jasmine is known as Malli or Malligai in Tamil. Madurai Malli is an important horticultural produce. The buds are transported every day to major cities in India.

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Sri Meenakshi Amman temple is one of the great monuments of engineering and sculpture art. This historical temple is just few miles away from Madurai Residency.